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9” x 10”

8” x 10”

8” x 10”

9.5” x 10”

Photos: 1A - 1H

         Cost:  U.S. and Canada $20.00 each               International  $24.00 each

Item 1A

Item 1B

Item 1C

Item 1D

This is an introduction to Kung Fu San Soo presented by Master Bernice Chin Woo, the widow of Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo. On this video you will see an actual technique given by Grand Master Woo and also some rare footage of him in action. The grandson of Grandmaster Woo, Master James P. King, gives a brief history of his grandfather and the powerful combative hand to hand style of fighting known today as Kung Fu San Soo. Master Bernice Chin Woo was president of IKFSSA from 1992-1997 and is currently hosting the J.H.Woo Associates web site.

DVD filmed and edited by Grashell Productions Running time: 26 min.

Other Videos

ITEM # 2A.

“An Introduction to Kung Fu San Soo”

U.S. and Canada $45.00

International $55.00

ITEM # 2B.

"Jimmy H. Woo Memorial Tape"

U.S. and Canada $50.00

International $60.00

This DVD contains footage of Grand Master Woo exclusively. He is featured giving lessons, explaining aspects of history, lineage and fundamentals of the art.

Color.  Running Time: 32 minutes

Item 1E

Item 1F

Item 1G

Item 1H

Pendant ITEM # 3A.

U.S. and Canada $60.00

International $75.00

The pendant is made of sterling silver with "Kung Fu San Soo" written in Chinese characters down the front. It measures 5/8" x 2"


ITEM # 5A San Soo Patch

U.S. and Canada $5.00

International $7.00

"San Soo" 2.5" Diam.

ITEM # 5B Belt Patch

U.S. and Canada $7.00
International $9.00


5" x 1.75"

ITEM # 5D San Soo Patch

U.S. and Canada $5.00
International $7.00

"San Soo" 2.5" Diam.

ITEM # 5E Shield Patch


U.S. and Canada $7.00
International $9.00

ITEM 6E   Black Belt Instructional Books

3" x 4.5"

Volumes I through V.

Contains Forms and Lessons for the advanced student.

U.S. and Canada $100.00 each or $500.00 for all

International $110.00 each

Must be a black belt in the art of San Soo with signed verification by your instructor or a copy of black belt diploma accompanying order.